University of Technology, Arts and Design

Cris Calpe

  • Cartoon Character Modeling Teacher
  • 3D character modeler in Core Animation
In these productions I have worked with characters of different styles, mainly cartoon and different ways of working within each company.
My work is focused first on translating the 2d design of a character to the 3d model looking for the soul of the character and his story, as well as an appeal that can give us charisma, without losing the essence that came from art, in a clean and detailed way for use in production. In this part is where I use the ordered and clean topology in the character, a way that rig, textures and shader, groom, etc, can receive an optimal work on our part so that they can begin to perform their magic. Finally, I’m in charge of making facial blendshapes that will bring richness to the facial movement and will connect us directly with the Rig department.
I love to explore different lines of characters, and different bodies and anatomies, opting for a diversity of character styles that tell their own stories from the art and break with the established.