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Scholarship and Study Aid

Formamos en las disciplinas que permiten desarrollar conjuntamente cualquier proyecto tecnológico basado en los siguientes ejes:

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Degrees study scholarpships and grants

U-tad has an annual scholarship and study grant plan to facilitate our students’ access to a university degree. Every year we help talent and academic excellence in the fields of art and technology. 


These are scholarships and study grands for the students of the following degrees:

  • BFA Degree in Animation.
  • BS Degree in Computer Science.

The candidates will have a grant up to 20% on the tuition fees.


Design 4U scholarships and student grants are aimed at: 

  • Degree in Digital Design.

U-tad is committed to enhancing the profile of students who combine the field of design and technology. 

The candidates will have a study grant of 15% on the tuition fees during the four years of the Degree. 


The demand for professionals in Stem areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is much higher than the number of students who study degrees related to these areas annually. 

U-tad has been committed from the beginning to train these profiles at the highest educational level and to support the demand of science students. 

These scholarships are aimed at students who want to study the following degrees: 

  • BS Dual Degree in Software Engineering and Computational Mathematics.
  • BS Dual Degree in Software Engineering and Computational Physics.

Candidates will have a study grant of 15% on the tuition fees during the five years of the Degree. 


Since its inception, U-Tad, has been united with the Women In Tech movement promote the talent of women in the Stem areas. 

We have a special plan to support the talent of women in the technological field 

Candidates will have a study grant of 20% on the tuition fees during the five years of the Degree. 

Official Scholarships for University undergraduate Degrees:

All the University Degrees at U-tad are official and study grants can be requested at the Spanish Ministry of Education.  

Currently the announcement for the year 2021/2022 grant plan is not yet published. 

These scholarships are compatible with U-Tad scholarships plans.

Scholarships for Postgraduates

Official Postgraduate University Scholarships

The University Master’s Degree in Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality and Simulation, in both its on-site and online formats, is an Official Master’s degree and study grants can be requested at the Ministry of Education.

Official Vocational Trainning Scholarships

Community of Madrid official Scholarships

The Autonomous Community of Madrid has an annual student grant plan for Vocational Training studies in Private Centers 

At this time, the announcement for the academic year 2021/2022 has already been published and therefore you can apply . The endowment, depending on the family income (per capita family income) is usually between € 2,000 and € 2,600 depending on the income. The application limit is June 30th, 2021.  

These scholarships are compatible with U-tad scholarship plans.

Agreements with local councils


We work with local councils in the area to promote access to digital skills for students by creating a support plan for residents of nearby towns and a plan for scholarships for excellent  academic records. 

Check here to view the complete list of municipalities with which we have an agreement: 

In case we do not have an agreement with your city council, write to us.