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Research Projects

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Functioning as a bridge between academic and business environments, U-tad has a strong research focus.

The University Center for Technology and Digital Art research objective is to contribute to the creation, growth and dissemination of scientific understanding, as well as to advance science, digital art, humanities and engineering with the transfer of knowledge and outcomes to greater society. 

U-tad encourages our faculty and graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in R&D projects. As such, professors can incorporate both their own research and that of the wider scientific community into their courses.

Research group that promotes one of U-tad’s core philosophies: the intersection between art and technology, as well as a cross-disciplinary approach to all fields of knowledge.

Research group focused on computer graphics systems, extended realities, GPU rendering, immersive data visualization and advanced virtual simulations.

Data Engineering research group focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to Data Science.


Research group focused on narratives in animation, visual effects (FFX), and new technologies, fields of great expansion in which we are referents and aims to contribute to the narrative.