University of Technology, Arts and Design

Jose Carrillo

  • Teacher of Texturing and Shading for Animation
  • 3D Character Artist in Core Animation
José Roberto started 15 years ago in the world of 3D as a generalist in the RTVE documentary series “Memoria de España”, doing modeling, animation, FX and composition.
His passion for video games later led him to work for Ubisoft as a scenario and character modeler for Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Xbox.
He has also worked in films such as “Mummies and the Lost Ring”, “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones”, “Discover with Tadeo”, “The Hand of Nefertiti”, “Catch the Flag” and “Tadeo Jones 2: The King’s Secret Midas”. Likewise, she has participated in the award-winning short film “Cuerdas”, as a hair artist.
He is currently a 3D character artist at the Core Animation studio.