University of Technology, Arts and Design

Kenny Ruiz

  • Teacher
  • Freelance artist

Kenny Ruiz studied at Escola Joso, worked as an illustrator for Disney in the Salvador Simó Artwork studio, made the trilogy “El Cazador de Rayos” and “El Misterio del Capitán Nemo”, the one shots “Barcelona”, “Malefic. Soum”, and the series “Dos Espadas”, with script by Victor Santos he has drawn Outrage, a manga set in the Infinity universe, the Corvus Belli Miniatures game. He made two stories for the Japanese publication Tezucomi: Boku no Songoku and Team Phoenix. He drew with Kid Toussaint’s script and Noiry’s colouring two series for Dupuis: Magic 7 and Telemaco. He is currently the full author of Team Phoenix, a manga series for the Japanese publisher Akita Shoten inspired by the characters of the “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka.