University of Technology, Arts and Design

Alfonso Prieto Sarri

  • Digital Sculpting teacher
  • Digital Sculpting

He is a Digital Sculptor with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Having been trained as an Illustrator, I one day decided to try 3D and discovered the ZBrush program. I had to learn it by myself, because at that time there were no classes or many people in Spain who knew about it. Since then, the program has grown a lot and I have grown with it. I started working at a collectible figurine company and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve stayed in this career path for a long time. I am currently a freelancer and work for many different international companies. Regarding my classes, I started teaching in a small school about 9 years ago, after having become proficient in ZBrush. I really enjoyed teaching and since then it has been something I’ve wanted to do alongside my professional career. I have taught in schools in Madrid such as C10, Trazos, ESDIP, Arteneo, Ficizia and, of course, U-Tad.