University of Technology, Arts and Design

Faculty of B.S. Double Degree in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics


Eduardo Fernández Carrión

  • Probability and Statistics, Computational Geometry and Partial Differential Equations teacher
  • Head of Data Science at Stratio BD

Enrique Ferres

  • Logic and Discrete Mathematics, Calculus and Projected Geometry
  • Mathematical

Mar Angulo Martínez

  • Coordinator of the Double Degree in Software Engineering and Computational Mathematics
  • Coordinator and Professor

Pablo Ramos Criado

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning and databases teacher
  • Founding Partner and Executive Director at Aturing S.L.

Pedro Concejero

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Text Mining and Social Network Analysis teacher
  • Data Scientist at U-tad

Rafael Socas

  • Computer network and Data Base teacher
  • Head of Core Network Technology at Telefónica