University of Technology, Arts and Design

Eduardo Arriols Núñez

  • Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking and IT Security teacher
  • Co-founder and CEO at RootPointer

Master’s Degree in ICT Security. Degree in Computer Engineering. Co-founder of RootPointer, Cybersecurity Startup.

For 6 years, he has been in charge of Red Team teams for different organizations, coordinating and developing advanced intrusion exercises (Red Team) at an international level (America, South America, and Europe). Author of the book ” El Red Team de la empresa” by 0xWord. Security researcher and speaker at RootedCON, 8,8, Navaja Negra, and others. For the past 6 years, he has been coordinating different Red Team services, conducting advanced intrusion simulations for both Spanish and international companies (America, South America and Europe). Author of the book: “CISO: which describes the Red Team concept and how to run technical intrusion simulations for an organization.

Security researcher and Pentester for private BugBounties through SYNACK, as well as speaker at multiple national and international conferences such as RootedCON, 8.8, Jornadas STIC del CCN, Navaja Negra, etc.