University of Technology, Arts and Design

Félix Gil Cantera

  • Dark Rig (applied mathematics for rig) and Rig Dynamics teacher
  • Rigging Artist at Skydance Animation

I studied Technical Engineering in Computer Management. It was pretty clear to me that I didn’t want to dedicate myself to computer science. I had some personal experience with 3D Studio Max, and I found the 3D world really enticing, especially rigging. So, I decided to do a master’s degree in animation at Aulatemática Madrid. Self-taught and with some working experience, I began to specialize in this area. I’ve worked across Spain, from Santiago de Compostela, Malaga, and A Coruña, to Madrid and Barcelona. My most outstanding works have been in: Working at Dygrafilms for 3 years on the feature film ‘Holy Night‘. Making holographic projections at Pictures That Move for the play, ‘the last Horseman‘. Working at BeeAndBird Animation Studios, making and developing a TV series and some short films. And finally, working at Ilion Animation Studios on the film, ‘Wonder Park‘.