University of Technology, Arts and Design

Gema Yagüe García-Lairosa

  • Interface design and Usability teacher
  • UX/UI Designer at Telefónica

I studied at U-tad, in Visual Design of Digital Content. When I graduated, I wanted to apply all the skills that I had acquired during those years and focus on understanding users and knowing how to create for them, hence my desire and determination to specialize in UX / UI design at Ironhack Madrid.

I developed my professional life in a private company, highlighting Grupo Ariza where I worked for clients such as Coca-Cola, Caser Seguros, and at Telefónica for clients such as NH, Banco Sabadell, DS Smith, IB-SALUT, Europcar, among others. Currently, I work at Telefónica Tech in the area of ​​IoT and Big Data as a UX / UI designer.