University of Technology, Arts and Design

Jaime Bescansa Gascón

  • Fabric Modelling and Rigging, Fabric Pattern Making, Fabric Simulation and Hair Simulation teacher
  • Char FX Lead, 3D Tailor Marvelous Designer

Graduated in Fine Arts in 1997. 3D artist with more than 21 years of experience in film and television with a passion for creativity, technology and teaching. Since February 1999, he has been working in audiovisual productions in roles like Rigger, Motion Capture, pipeline, 3D supervisor and, later, Technical Director of the BAFTA award-winning “Pocoyo“. In 2014, he worked on “Wonder Park” as Lead of CFX, actively participating in the creation of the department.

Passionate about fabrics, he delves into the creation of clothing in collaboration with renowned textile firms such as Basaldúa. He works as a freelancer, working on 3D fabric development projects.