University of Technology, Arts and Design

Javier Gamero Sánchez

  • 3D Character Modeling and Texturing teacher
  • Character modelling and texturing for 3D animation and Digital Artist
Javier Gamero

Javi Gamerover has more than 15 years of experience in character design, 3D modeling/texturing and digital artistry.

He currently works in Spain as a professor of 3D Animation at U-tad, teaching Organic Modeling and Texturing and Shading courses, while collaborating with Ford to produce advertising projects in Asia (Shanghai and Bangkok) and 3D animation projects in Latin America (Central University of Ecuador).

He both teaches and works as a 3D modeler and digital sculptor. He’s worked on Award Winning Projects: Kolour in the Park Bangkok I+D MINECO International Project I+D FEDER International Project Social Council of UCLM