University of Technology, Arts and Design

Digital voting, a blockchain-based approach

  • DESCRIPTION: The goal of this paper is to be an introductory document on remote electronic voting, blockchain technologies, the concept of Digital Identity (especially in Spain) and the proposition of a theoretical model to be used as a basis to create a viable long-term  solution. 
    • All above technologies will be studied from the ground up. The security concepts surrounding Digital Identity, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and other technologies are new enough to warrant bottom-up examination.  
      – Spain and its legal framework will be used as the main focus when defining our solution. All the proposals made in this paper have taken into account the current legal framework and how the proposals should be implemented in order to reduce the impact on the current legislation. 
  • CREATED: Jaime Escribano Benavente 
  • DEGREE: B.S. Computer Science