University of Technology, Arts and Design


  • DESCRIPTION: This project was developed collaboratively by students of the three video game Master’s programs. Disembodied is an epic action adventure game with platforming and puzzle elements, starring the Lord of the Underworld’s calavera, Yorick Evergrim, and a nameless skeleton. As Lord of the Underworld, Yorick Evergrim had enjoyed an eternity of power and glory. But in his realm, betrayal is tradition. Fed up with Yorick, his army rebels and Claudius, his commander, beheads him, steals his powerful body and seizes his throne. Banished to the ends of the Underworld, and with the help of only a puny skeleton, Yorick’s calavera must travel the distance separating him from his castle and his former body in order to take revenge on the traitor. Unfortunately, that stretch is full of creatures that Yorick has wronged who would be delighted to confront the former tyrant-turned helpless calavera.
  • CREATED: Antonio Sánchez Moreno, Carlos López-Tello, Francisco Estaun, Hilario Ramírez Romero, Santiago Barón Vioque, María Ano Leiva, Gala García Sanchez, Adrián Garrido Adriano, Jonathan Jerez Jurado, Vicente Martínez marjalizo, Mercedes García, Antonio Moreno Morón, David Moreno Urbanos, Alejandro Navaz López, Pablo Pla Gutiérrez, Jaime Vas Martínez
  • DEGREE: M.A. in Game Design, M.S. in Game Development, M.F.A. in Game Art