University of Technology, Arts and Design

Doors – Digital Compositing for VFX

  • DESCRIPTION: This is a short film in which we implemented the compositing and VFXm techniques learned during the Master’s program. The narrative follows a character, as a guiding theme, who goes through different scenes where strange and fantastic events occur. We wanted to focus on the aesthetics to make it visually appealing and the effects to add depth to the story. We worked with software we had never used before, complex compositing plans in NUKE, and created believable but fantastical images, all while using compo and matte painting. We have created shaders and effects, removed obtrusive elements, captured natural lighting, and created 3D spaces and lighting for these scenes. 
  • CREATED: Aitor Echeveste, Lucas Ramos, Nacho Hoyos, Alejandra Ortiz 
  • DEGREE: M.A. in Digital Compositing for VFX