University of Technology, Arts and Design

Greyfall, The Endless Dungeon

  • DESCRIPTION: Work developed jointly between the students of the three videogame masters. Greyfall: The Endless Dungeon is an isometric action RPG. With all this, we are already looking forward to testing it at Gamescom 2018 and bringing you our sensations.
  • CREATED: Miguel Ángel Rios, Alfonso Espada, Asier Astorga, Borja Domínguez Javier Pérez-Andújar, Unai González, David Morales, José Rodríguez de Llera, Juanma Gómez Mikel Aretxabala, Pamela Blacutt, Tomás Martín.
  • DEGREE: M.A. in Game Design, M.S. in Game Development, M.F.A. in Game Art