University of Technology, Arts and Design

Virtual Transplant Reality

  • DESCRIPTION: It is a research project developed by U-tad. The technology aspect was directed by Virtual Reality Expert, Laura Raya, alongside IdiPAZ, the HePA Association and promoted and led by the expert psychologist in VR treatments, Erika Guijarro. This pioneering project aims to develop the first VR platform for psychological care of transplanted children and adolescents.  In the Master’s program, two essential tasks have been conducted through Virtual Reality: 
    • Distraction (pain distraction therapies or pain management): the goal is to shift the focus of the pediatric patient from the medical test to the stimuli provided by this tool.  
    • Awareness (self-care and adherence to treatment): adherence to treatment is encouraged in both patients and their environment (friends, family, etc.) by involving them in the routines of the transplanted child (medical tests, admissions, surgeries, stays in Intensive Care Units, etc.). 
  • CREATED: Students collaborate every year with the U-tad research team.
  • DEGREE: Postgraduate Certificate Expert in Development for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality