University of Technology, Arts and Design

Andrés Jimenez

  • Level Design teacher
  • Game Designer, Level Designer & Lighting Artist at Tequila Works

Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of CLM. Professional with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. I started in the QA department of Virtual Toys, where I collaborated in “Pirates: Treasure Hunters”, from there I made the leap to G4M3 as a game designer where I worked for 4 years in games for mobile devices with Unity. Since 2017 I started working at Tequila Works in the lighting department and I was able to specialize as a level designer. Today I am Lead Level Designer at Tequila Works, specializing in the design and creation of layouts and game mechanics. This period includes titles such as “The Sexy Brutale”, “Invisible Hours”, “Gylt” and “Song of Nunu” (in collaboration with Riot Force), among others.