University of Technology, Arts and Design

Samuel Viñolo Locubiche

  • Animation Academic Coordinator 
  • Journalist and Teacher

Curator of the exhibition “Animació – Una historia en una exposición” (Madrid, 2020.) Spain-Ibero-America Correspondent for Cartoon Brew (2017-2018.) Co-author of the book “100 years of Spanish Animation” (2017.) PhD on The Industrial Model of American 3D Animation (Univ. Barcelona, 2017.) Co-author of the book “Guide to Watch and Analize Up!” Master in New Digital Trends (Univ. Jaume I de Castellón, 2010.) Master in Animation Production at EAM (Halle, Germany)/IED (Milan, Italy, 2007.) Director of the animated short film “Fridge Affair” (2007.) Director of the animated short film “Sysiphus” (UdK Berlin, 2001.) Degree in Audiovisual Communication (University of Sevilla, 2001.)