University of Technology, Arts and Design

Taurus VR

  • DESCRIPTION: A retro space shooter in virtual reality where you can explore and fight in this fantastic universe, controlling the movement of your ship using your body   Additionally, the offensive and defensive mechanisms of this game make use of the movement controllers. To defeat various enemies in large-scale levels. Use points to unlock various ships with unique weapons and equipment.    Get ready to move like never before inside this VR Space-shooter with our 6-degree motion control system.    You’ll make your way through an alien universe using your body to control the spaceship, and your hands and arms to operate a simple but dynamic attack and defense combat system.   To complete your missions, you’ll have up to 4 different spaceships (each with its own combat style) and an arsenal of weapons, drones, and shields at your disposal. Feel like the best pilot in the galaxy by defeating all kinds of aliens, mercenaries, and rebel spaceships! 
  • CREATED: Jaime Núñez (Nusakan Studio). This game is the first developed by Nusakan Studio, a studio seeking to bring classic games to VR through innovative mechanics. 
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