University of Technology, Arts and Design

Music Recommendation System

  • DESCRIPTION: The project is a first attempt to change the way we interact with recommendation systems. Recommendation systems aim to offer the user personalized items within their catalog. Typically, these types of systems use intrusive methods to get to know the user, such as filling out surveys or asking for ratings. With my system, I was looking for a way to interact with the user to find out what they are looking for without resorting to intrusive methods.  This is where artificial intelligence comes in. Through a process of facial detection and facial expression recognition, the system is able to detect the user’s mood. The system uses this process to study how the user reacts to a small sample of songs and is finally able to make a recommendation. In order for the project to be achievable within the program, recommendations were made based on song genres. However, my idea is to continue working on the system so that it will be able to make recommendations based on the mood conveyed by the song.
  • CREATED: Lucía Montesinos
  • DEGREE: