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Alfonso Espeso, from studying at U-tad to work as CFX Lead Artist at Animal Logic

In 2017 Alfonso Espeso had 27 years and leave Spain to London to start a new professional adventure at MPC, one of the most relevant Visual Effects companies around the world, where he worked for The Lion King and Dumbo, among other productions. Now we have talked to him to understand how his life has changed during this time. At this moment Alfonso works as CFX Lead Artist at Animal Logic. This is what he told us!

How is it to work as CFX Lead Artist at Animal Logic?

My job as character FX Lead has a technical and artistic side and the management one. It is my responsibility to build the cfx templates that will be later shared by all the characters in the movie as well as give feedback and support to the artist. Normally my days are based on meetings and helping the team achieve the director vision.

How has your life changed during these years?

Nowadays my days are filled with meetings and development rather than doing shots. Now I have a team of artist that I have to look after and a department to manage.

Moving to Australia, was a life changing decision for me and gave me the tools I needed to keep developing myself as an artist.

How is to work on international productions and, in your case, from Australia?

What is it like to work on international productions and, in your case, from Australia?

Working on internacional productions where the client is based on a different country is always challenging because of the time difference. However we are all used to do it as most of the movies are made like that, so we are work together to get the movie going and achieve the goals set by the production team.

What are your goals in your future?

For the mid term future I’m gonna stay in Australia, as I still have lots of things to do here and places to visit and lots of careers goals that I would like to achieve. Animal Logic is a great place with great people to work and I don’t see myself going somewhere else right now.

What would you highlight about CFX world? What do you like most about this area?

CFX is a department that is on constant development and always subject to the latest technological advances and we are yet to see a big revolution in the world of digital fashion, is always exciting to be part of such movements. There are lots of opportunities for people that graduates and wants to change careers to become part of a cfx department as nowadays there’s a lack of professionals and good learning material.

Any advice you would like to give to those who want to start working in the industry?

If I would have to give an advice to somebody that wants to start on this industry, it would be to go online and start surrounding yourself with people from the industry and check their reels, their courses and see how they got into this industry. Start learning on your own and keep doing it on a constant base will really make a difference.

How demanding is the industry?

I still love to get involved in lots of projects that take me long time and dedication, but is a part of myself. This industry is demanding if you have big goals, but I guess as any other industry. You gotta work hard if you want a piece of the cake.

How do you remember your time as a student at U-tad?

I remember my days on Uni with some of my actual friends that I still see every day at work or live on my same building. I made some live long friends there and have fun with them, I wish I could have had more time to enjoy the university life but I was working at the same time so I barely had any time to go out and enjoy. However I have nice memories of my days going classes and dreaming about working on the industry on a different country.