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M.A. in 3D Character Animation

Enroll in this course to become a professional character animator and learn how to transform every animation into an authentic character interaction.

Project by Dario Fernández Dominguez Schubert and Iván Cuenca, U-tad students.

Learn in a master designed and taught by the best 3D animation professionals.


Do you want to learn how to breathe life into modelled characters in a 3D environment? Would you like to work in the animation, video game or VFX industry? This is the master’s program for you!

In this master’s, you will discover how to use computers to bring your characters to life. With your training, you will learn how to give them heart through rendering. 

You will finish the master’s degree ready to join a team at a large animation, advertising or video game studio. Our faculty will set you up you with professional contacts at one of the greatest animation studios in the world, showcasing your talent to the supervisors and animation leads at Skydance Animation. 

These professionals will oversee your reel, granting you access to major companies where you will further your international career.

Career opportunities

  • Character Animator
  • Crowd Animator
  • Character Animator for the VFX Industry

Paths to entry

Student entry profile:

  • People with general 3D training who want to specialize and focus their career on character animation
  • Graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Animation, Architecture, Fine Arts, Graphic Design and related post-secondary vocational training
  • Professionals in traditional animation, character design, storyboarding or similar disciplines in related industries (illustration, comic book)

Where our alumni work

Our master’s students graduate ready to work on first-class productions. Our past students are now working at Sony Imageworks, Skydance Animation, Animalogic, MPC, Scanline, Double Negative and Disney, among many other international companies. 

Partner companies

Study plan

  • Location: U-tad
  • Hours: Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. CET
  • ECTS: October-June (665 HOURS) 
  • Language: Spanish 
  • Modality: In campus / On-line
  • Center Attached to: Camilo José Cela University
Course 1
Production Pipeline
Introduction to Maya for Animators
Principles of animation applied to 3D animation
The importance of poses and their application to 3D characters
Basic Physics: Cycles and Body Mechanics
Technical aspects: constraints, FK/IK, gimbals, axes…
Advanced Physics
Basic Acting 
Facial animation and lip sync 
Animation exercises / Dailies 
Advanced Acting 
Animation reinforcement 
Narrative and Storyboarding 
Process for approaching an animation shot Masterclass 
Animation Workflow Masterclass at Blue Sky Studios 
Animation Workflow Masterclass at Dreamworks Animation 
Live Animation Workflow Workshop 
Rigging Workshop for animators 
Lighting Workshop for animators 
Interpretation Workshop 



Andrés Bedate

  • Master’s Director in 3D Character Animation. Teacher
  • Lead Character Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks, Little Zoo

Pepe Mansuy

  • Drawing and Animation teacher
  • Storyboart Artist, Character Design, Animator at Blur Studios y Sunrise Productions

Students' projects and awards

Your Project: your best letter of recommendation

Throughout this master’s degree, our students develop projects that later make up their reel. It will function as a great letter of recommendation when it comes to entering the labor market. 

Talent awards

Our students have won the most prestigious awards in the industry for the projects they’ve developed throughout their studies. Check them out. 

Students' feedback

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