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U-tad, the university with the most awards in video games

It’ s no coincidence that we are the most awarded university in video games (among other areas). Not long ago we told you that GAMEducation had included us among the10 best videogame development programs in the world. Our U-tad team is very happy with this news, as it is yet another demonstration of our daily involvement with our students and their future. This is not the first recognition of the value of our academic offerings.

Our track record includes more than 100 awards in Engineering, Design, Animation, and Interactive Products. Video games alone account for more than half of our awards! We’ve won 11 PlayStation Awards, 6 Fun & Serious, 4 SWSW in Austin (USA), and many others like: Gamingfest, Indie[mad], Gamepolis, Valencia Indie Summit, Guerrilla Game Festival, Gamelab, Game Jam On, etc.

The latest PlayStation Awards?

  • 2019: Best Narrative Award for A Rasing Bond by Inbreak Studios and Best Press Game Award for BlackStorm by Lost Criteria Studios.
  • 2018: Best Press Game Award, for Khion I: No Return by Tenjet Games; and Best Use of PlayStation Platforms Award, for Windfolk, by Fractal Fall.
  • 2017: Best Press Game Award for Greyfall; Best Use of PlayStation Platform Award for Disembodied. 016: Game of the Year Award for Intruders: Hide & Seek; Best Art Award for Khara; Best Press Game Award for Intruders: Hide & Seek. 2015: Innovation Award for Rolling B.O.B & The Evil Factory, by Moon Factory Studios.

In addition, two student projects  are finalists for PlayStation: Naamu: the Lost Essence by An Otter Studio and Shards of Hope by Banna Crunch. Good luck to both of you!

The key to being the most awarded center?

These awards are the result of the hard work by our masters in video games students (Art and Visual Design of Video Games, Programming and Game Design). Our philosophy is also distinctively unique. U-tad has ranked high due to these same reasons:

  • Five years of research and evaluation of the positions for which graduate students have been recruited. Many have gone on to work at companies such as Rockstar North, Ubisoft, Splash Damage, Tequila Softworks or Mercury Steam.
  • The quality and originality of the projects developed during their academics.
  • The awards they have won, as mentioned above.
  • U-tad’s methodology, based on adapting the learning process to the dynamics of leading companies so that students work with the latest technologies as they would on a normal day in a game studio.

All these details allow our students to achieve a profound understanding of the industry. This said, their most direct contact with their professional sector is with their own professors. They are true industry professionals. Our faculty, together with our up-to-date curriculum, gives students a true insight into the skills demanded by the industry. They thoroughly undertake these skills before entering the labor market.

You can also study video games with our Official University Degree in Interactive Product Design. Click here for more information.