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B.A. in Interactive Product Design

Work in the different areas of interactive design and become a video game designer, digital animator or interactive graphic designer.

Khara, U-tad student´s project.

The best training in video games


If video games are your passion and you have always dreamed of being a game designer and designing your own games, the Degree in Interactive Product Design is your shortest and best path to success.

We will train and empower you with the creative knowledge, game design specific studies and cutting-edge digital tools that will allow you to design and create top-notch products. You will leave fully prepared to join a professional AAA studio as part of the development team of the next big hit. 

You will learn from top industry professionals and develop multidisciplinary projects with students studying Animation, Digital Design, and Game programming. You will emulate professional studio operations and develop games, with the same processes and demands. Becoming a Game Designer is just one degree away.

Center Affiliated to:

  • Location: U-tad Campus
  • Hours: Monday – Friday
  • ECTS: 240
  • LanguageSpanish or English
  • Modality: In campus

Career opportunities

Digital Media and Entertainment

  • Videogame Designer
  • Graphic Designer for Videogames
  • Video Game Programmer
  • Video Game Producer
  • Level Designer
  • Game Mechanics Designer
  • Misison Designer
  • Advergaming
  • Gamification specialist
  • Interface Designer


  • Digital book, web or interactive press designer
  • E-learning Interface Designer

Audiovisual and Communication

  • Multimedia Designer

Advanced Technologies

  • Simulation and Virtual Reality Specialist

Advertising and Marketing

  • 3D Computer Graphics Creative Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Designer
  • E-business Application Designer
  • Interactive project manager
  • Network Society/ Information Networks

Where our students work

Our students are highly valued by the industry. We have a Professional Development Service Department that facilitates your integration into the various companies that contact us demanding highly-specialized professionals. We have students working in companies such as King, Ubisoft, Tequila Works, Mercury Steam, Gameloft, Reflections, Rockstar North, Amazon, Splash Damage, Electronic Arts, Novorama, Mediatonic, Ericsson, Genera Games, King and many top studios around the world…

Partner Companies

Students' projects and awards

Your Project: your best professional letter of recommendation

The audiovisual entertainment sector, in general, and particularly the video game sector, require highly qualified professionals. The best way to showcase that preparation is with a high-level portfolio.  


At U-tad, we replicate the operations and work life of any professional studio.  Above simply mastering the technical skills needed, our students learn the mechanics of working in the industry and game development.  Projects will be in interdisciplinary groups, in which you will make the creative decisions with the constant assistance of a proven team of industry professionals. No less than six projects by U-tad students have crossed the commercial barriers and are now available on the PlayStation 4 Store. These games also join the countless titles developed by our students that can be downloaded on different platforms, both for mobile devices and PCs. 

Of these, we highlight Burn Me Twice, recent winner of the award for best student game at Gamelab, as well as other games like UMI or Dimlands. 

Talent Awards

U-tad has the highest number of PlayStation Awards of all European universities: 15 in five years. There are now six games available to download from the PlayStation 4 store, in addition to the dozen or so titles available on Steam. We have won seven consecutive BIG/Fun and Serious awards, four SXSW in Austin (Texas), three Gamelabs, several Gamefests, IndieMad, Gamepolis… The industry recognizes U-tad as the leader for training in Spain, far above any other University. 

Students' feedback

We are very proud of our students because they stand out for their talent and effort. The training they have received at U-tad provides them with sound knowledge to develop their careers in a sector with a strong demand for professionals.

International mobility

At U-tad we have an International Relations Department that coordinates and establishes agreements with university institutions all over the world, as well as with governmental agencies responsible for international inter-university cooperation.  We have agreements with prestigious universities in five continents and we are working to expand the number of institutions with exchange agreements either within the Erasmus program or with bilateral exchange agreements. 


Study Plan

Course 1

Course nameCourseECTSTypeDuration
Fundamentals of Mathematics and Physics1st6B1st semester
Introduction to Game Design1st6OB1st semester
Communication and Presentation Skills 1st6B1st semester
Game Theory1st6OB1st semester
Technology for Designers1st3OB1st semester
Projects I 1st3OB1st semester
Literary Fundamentals 1st6B2nd semester
Visual Perception and Expression1st6B2nd semester
History of the Games 1st6OB2nd semester
Introduction to Programming1st6OB2nd semester
Digital Society1st3OB2nd semester
Projects II1st3OB2nd semester

Graphic legend: Basic Training (B) | Compulsory (OB) | Electives (OP) | Compulsory Minor Subject (OBM) | External Internships (PE) | Final Degree Project (TFG)

Course 2

Course nameCourseECTSTypeDuration
Video Game Design I2nd6OB1st semester
Narrative and Visual Storytelling2nd6B1st semester
Psychology of Gaming2nd6B1st semester
Scripting I  2nd6B1st semester
Elements of Visual Composition 2nd3OB1st semester
Projects III2nd3OB1st semester
Art Direction 2nd6B2nd semester
Graphic Design, Interface, and User Experience2nd6B2nd semester
Scripting II 2nd6OB2nd semester
Artistic History and Tradition2nd6B2nd semester
User Experience Fundamentals2nd3OB2nd semester
Projects IV  2nd3OB2nd semester

Course 3

Course nameCourseECTSTypeDuration
Video Game Design II3rd6OB1st semester
3D Content Creation 3rd6OB1st semester
Animation in Video Games3rd6OB1st semester
Scripting III 3rd6OB1st semester
Projects V3rd6OB1st semester
Advanced Level Design 3rd6OB2nd semester
Music and Sound Design 3rd6OB2nd semester
Video Game Design III3rd6OB2nd semester
Audiovisual Communication3rd3OB2nd semester
Usability and Testing 3rd3OB2nd semester
Projects VI3rd6OB2nd semester

Course 4

Course nameCourseECTSTypeDuration
Interactive Design Expansion4th3OB1st semester
Project Management4th3OB1st semester
Video Game Production 4th6OB1st semester
Intellectual Property4th3OB1st semester
Creative Thinking4th3OB1st semester
Business Creation and Development4th3OB1st semester
Projects VII4th6OB1st semester
Final Degree Project4th6PFG2nd semester
Web Design and Applications 4th6OB2nd semester
Projects VIII4th6OB2nd semester
Academic Credit Recognition4th6OPT2nd semester
Casual Game Design4th3OPT2nd semester
Serious Game Design 4th3OPT2nd semester
Social and Multiplayer Game Design4th3OPT2nd semester
Advanced Programming 4th3OPT2nd semester
Artificial Intelligence for videogames4th3OPT2nd semester
AR and VR Design4th3OPT2nd semester

Additional information & competencies

  • Year of implementation: 2012-2013
  • Spots for new students in the Degree: 120
  • Branch of knowledge: Humanities
Minimum number of ECTS per type of registration and course:
Minimum Maximum 
Full time 1st course60 60 
Full time rest of courses30 75 
Part-time 1st course25 30 
Part-time rest of courses18 45 

Note: In order to offer a Minor for Enrollment the course will require a minimum of 20 Students for said Minor according to the University regulations. Minor subjects are optional for the rest of the itineraries.


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