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B.F.A. in Digital Design

Inspire, design, create.  

Project by Cristina Sabín, U-tad student

Inspire, design, create.


If you are a creative person with an artistic spirit and an interest in technology, design and advertising communication, a Degree in Digital Design is a great fit for your future! 

Become a designer capable of designing and developing all the digital content necessary for the correct positioning and transmission of a company’s brand image, products and marketing campaigns appropriate for the current technological and digital environment. 

Master the basics of Graphic Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Digital Art, Web Design, and UX/UI Design. Learn through practical projects and, on completion of your degree, you will have a professional digital portfolio, the ideal business card to work at the best companies in the design field. 

Study at the U-tad, a leader training those with the profiles demanded by the digital content industry. You will learn from excellent professionals who will share their vision, trends and projects with you. 

University Center affiliated to:

Career opportunities

With a Degree in Digital Design, you will be able to work as:

  • Art Director
  • Interface Designer
  • User Experience Designer
  • App designer and developer
  • Web and Layout Designer
  • Motion grapher
  • Audiovisual Editor
  • Digital Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Illustrator
  • Infographics designer for TV, periodicals or signage
  • Content Editor
  • Digital publication designer
  • Interactive Artist
  • Brand digital development
  • Advertising Designer
  • Video mapper
  • Multimedia Art Director
  • Creative&innovación
  • UX Researcher
  • Creative Project Manager

Where our students work

Our courses are developed by Industrial Committees, formed by the most relevant Design companies in our country, which guarantees that our curricula are constantly up-to-date with the current needs of the industry, and that they seek our students’ talent to lead their most innovative projects. 

Partner companies

Students' projects and awards

Your Project: your best letter of recommendation

Throughout the degree, you will learn to develop projects and you will build a complete portfolio or reel, which is not only a very practical and useful way to learn, but will also act as the best letter of reference for your training and knowledge when it comes to choosing a career.  

Talent Awards

U-tad students have received more than 70 awards in national and international competitions in the last three years, which attests to the capacity and quality of our students’ education. Our students have achieved important awards such as a Bronze in the prestigious ADG Laus Awards and the ‘Best Digital Design Project’ at the Ibero-American Design Biennial, both in 2021. 

Students' feedback

We are very proud of our students because they stand out. The training and talent they’ve developed at at U-tad provides them with solid knowledge to pursue their professional career in industries with a strong demand for professionals. 

International mobility

Through U-tad´s  International Relations Department you will be able to spend a semester or a year abroad at any of the universities all over the world through our student exchange and mobility agreements.  We have wide array of agreements with prestigious universities in five continents and we are working to expand the number of partner institutions with exchange agreements either within the Erasmus program or with bilateral exchange agreements.  

Agreements with leading Universities such as: 

  • School of Visual Arts (Nueva York)
  • Istituto Europeo di Design (Milán)
  • Haute École Albert Jacquard (Namur)
  • Vilnius Academy of Arts (Vilna)
  • Bezalel University (Jersusalén)


Study Plan

Course 1
Drawing, Analysis and Ideation I6B1st semester
History of Art3OB
History of Design and Iconography6B
Geometric Representation Systems6B
Digital Image Processing6OB
Graphic Composition6B2nd semester
Drawing, Analysis and Ideation II6B
Fundamentals of Aesthetics and Image Analysis3OB
Color and Light Theory6B
Typography and Calligraphy6B
Creative Thinking6BAnnual

Graphic legend: Basic Training (B) | Compulsory (OB) | Electives (OP) | Compulsory Minor Subject (OBM) | External Internships (PE) | Final Degree Project (TFG)

Course 2
Art Direction and Advertising Communication I6OB1sd semester
Infographics and Data Visualization3OB
Audiovisual Narrative6OB
Art Direction and Advertising Communication II6OB2nd semester
Digital editing and postproduction6OB
Fundamentals of 3D Environments3OB
History of Electronic and Digital Art3OB
Motion Graphics I6OB
Business and Digital Models3OB
Projects I (digital image)3OB
Course 3
Interface Design and Usability I6OB1st semester
3D Environments I6OB
Motion Graphics II6OB
Programming for Art and Design6OB
Projects II (Brand image development)6OB
3D Environments II3OB2nd semester
Web layout and structure/ APP I6OB
Projects III (Creation of a Motion Graphics Project)6OB
Interactive Systems6OB
Digital Society3OB
 Editorial Design6OP
 Character Design6OP
Technological Projects6OP
Course 4
Business creation and management3OB1st semester
Digitization and materialization6OB
Interface Design and Usability I6OB
Internships in companies12PEAnnual
Project IV 12OB
Final Degree Project6TFG
Web layout and structure/ APP II6OB2nd semester
Online Marketing3OB
3D Animation6OP
Packaging Design6OP
Interactive TV Environments6OP
Additional informartion / competencies
  • Location: U-tad Campus
  • Hours: Monday – Friday
  • ECTS: 240
  • Language: Spanish
  • Modality: In campus / online
  • Center Affiliated to: Camilo José Cela University
  • Year of implementation: 2018-2019
  • Year of implementation: 60
  • Branch of knowledge: Humanities
Minimum number of ECTS per type of registration and course:
Minimum Maximum 
Full time 1st course60 60 
Full time rest of courses30 75 
Part-time 1st course25 30 
Part-time rest of courses18 45 


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