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Postgraduate Certificate Expert in Development for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Become a Development Expert for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Proyecto de Pilar Hernández, alumna de U-tad
Become a Development Expert for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality


Lead projects in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in various industries, such as advertising, video games, 360º cinema, health, education and many others.

This postgraduate program is the first and only university program to cover the principles of Extended Realities. It uses the most advanced technologies on the market: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, DayDreams, Sony PlayStation VR, GloveOne, Oculus Touch, etc. 

At U-tad, you will be able to study a specialized postgraduate course at the leading center in extended realities. You will learn and network with the best research and professional faculty, who will give you first-hand insight on the most disruptive projects and latest trends in the industry. 

Our training is developed by industrial committees formed by the top companies in the industry (Acciona, Virtual Voyagers, Hp, Virtualware, Psious, 6DLab, Neurodigital, Iralta, Hikaru, Onirica VR, EstudioFuture, inMediaStudio, Seabery, Vive, Ludus, SGO, Coachity, Dreadhalls, Innovae). This guarantees that our curricula is always kept up-to-date with the real needs of the industry. Additionally, these companies reach out to our students to lead their most innovative projects.

Career opportunities

  • Expert in Extended Reality Environments Development can be applied in many fields (health, industry, cinema, videogames, education, psychology).
  • Unity and Unreal programmer
  • UX Designer with Virtual Reality
  • 360° video content developer
  • Expert in Immersive Narratives

Paths to entry

Student entry profile:

  • Multidisciplinary professionals who wish to specialize in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality design and development
  • Video Game Designers

Where our alumni work

Students who have taken VR postgraduate courses at U-tad are now pursuing successful and rewarding careers. They work in leading companies in the sector, such as: Electronic Arts, ETH Zürich (Disney Research Center), Virtual Voyagers, Acciona, Altran, Hikaru VR, CSIC, Everis, IDOM, SEDDI, Simumak, Ci3, Atresmedia, Canal de Isabel II, and more.

Partner companies

Study plan

  • Location: U-tad Campus
  • Hours: Executive (Fridays and Saturdays)
  • ECTS: 300 hours – October to May
  • Language: Spanish
  • Modality: In campus / Live Online
  • Center Attached to: Camilo José Cela University
Course 1
Programming: C# programming for Unity3OB1st semester
Hardware devices: VR Development with Unity Multimodal Virtual Reality (Sound, Touch and Virtual Smell)3OB1st semester
Development and Integration of VR solutions: Advanced VR development with Unity and SDK’s3OB1st semester
Augmented and Mixed Reality: Vuforia, Development ARkit / ARCore, Magic Leap3OB2nd semester
Advanced Virtual Reality: Advanced Development with Unreal Engine, Locomotion and Interaction in VR, PlayStation VR6OB2nd semester
Virtual Reality Systems: VR Modeling, VR Design and Narrative, VR Production, 360º Video, VR Sound, VR Psychology, Photogrammetry6OBAnnual
MASTER’S THESIS6OB2nd semester

Leyenda: Basic Training (B) | Compulsory (OB) | Electives (OP) | Obligatorias de Mención (OBM) | External Internships (PE) | Final Degree Project (TFG)
Nota: Para que una mención se oferte a matrícula requerirá un mínimo de 20 alumnos en dicha mención, según normativa interna del centro. Las asignaturas de una mención son optativas para el resto de los itinerarios.



Laura Raya González

  • Director of postgraduate courses in Virtual Reality, Professor
  • Professor and Researcher

Students' projects and awards

Your Project: your best letter of recommendation

As a Master and Expert student you will work alongside Animation, Digital Design, Video game and Software Engineering students, building your own portfolio of interesting projects to enhance your resume. Through these projects, you will learn to develop for the latest technologies and Virtual Reality devices: Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Magic Leap, Windows Mixed Reality, Samsung Gear, DayDream, Novint Falcon, Play Station VR, Oculus Go, etc. 

Here are some projects developed by our Expert in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Development students:Taurus VR.

Talent awards

In our University Center you will have the opportunity to work on R&D projects in collaboration with multidisciplinary students (students of Animation, Digital Design, Video games, Software Engineering or in the Master’s program for Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality and Simulation). Projects are developed for several years and some have been recognized by different public and private entities such as Indra, Fundación Universia, Fundación Orange, IdiPAZ, Fundación HePA, etc. These organizations have published several scientific articles that have established us as a national leader in the virtual environment.

Students' feedback

Our students are now pursuing successful and rewarding careers, leading the exciting Extended Reality industry (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality). Our training provides students with a truly high-quality and industry-recognized education from a professional staff. Our program is paving the way for this new technological era.

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