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M.A. in Rigging & Character FX

Become an expert in the technical and artistic processes of building and developing 3D characters, modelling and rigging.

Proyecto de Pilar Hernández, alumna de U-tad
This master specializes the student in the technical and artistic processes of development and construction of 3D characters.


This master’s program is designed to approach the disciplines of modeling, shading, rigging and character FX from different perspectives and working methods. This is to best provide our students with the necessary tools to create characters for film, television and advertising audiovisual projects. Our students receive a holistic understanding of the entire process of character creation and development.

At U-tad, we train highly qualified professionals based on large production standards. These standards require professionals with a high degree of expertise in matching model topologies to rigging and animation requirements, creating of complex rigs, working with high levels realism required in deformations, and manipulating the different behaviors of hair, clothing and musculature. 

The master’s degree culminates with a distinguishing final project, supervised by renowned professionals, in which students put into practice all the skills they’ve acquired. The project reflects the processes and demands found in a real production. The resulting product will act as a powerful portfolio piece that will enable you to find a job at the best studios.

Career opportunities

  • Rigger
  • Character TD
  • Hair Simulator
  • Grooming Artist
  • Character Animator
  • CFX Artist
  • Fabric or muscle simulator
  • Tailoring Artist

Paths to entry

Student entry profile:

  • Students with general 3D training who wish to deepen their knowledge of 3D character development in any of the three main areas of the program.
  • Designers, illustrators, or animators who want to change paths to 3D characters creation.
  • Graduates in Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communication, Computer Science or with post-secondary vocational training related to the subjects of the master’s degree who want to specialize in 3D character development.
  • 3D modelers looking to expand their knowledge in the fields of simulation and rigging.

Where our alumni work

This master’s degree is 100% employable. Our students are working at MPC, Double Negative, ILM, Sony Imagework, Skydance Animation, Weta Digital and Animal Logic, among other companies.

Partner companies

Study plan

  • Location: U-tad
  • Hours: Thursdays from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Fridays from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CET.
  • ECTS: October-June (600 hours)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Modality: In campus or online
  • Centre Attached to: Camilo José Cela University
Course 1
Digital sculpture
Body modeling for rigging and animation
Facial modelling for rigging and animation
Introduction to Rigging. Basic Concepts. Philosophy. Tools
Body Rigging I. Basic Rigging Structures
Body Rigging II. Advanced Structures
Scripting for Rigging
Deformation I. Skin systems. Conceptualization. Technology
Deformation II. Drive Morphers. Corrective Systems
Human and Animal Anatomy. Body Mechanics
Rigging Facial: Fundamentals, Structure and Design of Facial Systems
Dark Rig
Dynamic Rigging
Fabric Modeling. Fabric Rigging
Fabric Pattern Making. Marvelous Designer
Hair Systems. Grooming and Shading
Fabric Simulation. Techniques and Processes. Blendshapes. Collisions
Hair Simulation. Techniques and Processes. Dynamics. Collisions
Simulations and Tools in Houdini
Xgen Finaling and Flat Work



David Míguez Blanco

  • Director of the Master’s in Rigging and CFX. Animation Degree teacher
  • Rigging Supervisor at Skydance Animation Madrid

Jaime Bescansa Gascón

  • Fabric Modelling and Rigging, Fabric Pattern Making, Fabric Simulation and Hair Simulation teacher
  • Char FX Lead, 3D Tailor Marvelous Designer

Students' projects and awards

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Awards are the best recognition of high-level effort and a job well done, whether as a team or individually. 

In recent years, our students have won more than 70 awards in all disciplines. Check them out.

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