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B.A. in Visual Effects

Project by Pilar Hernández, U-tad student

An universe to create.


VFX are used in live Action Movies to modify real scenes or recreate elements which cannot be recorded, to integrate fiction characters in real action productions, eliminate unwanted elements or add effects such as fire, smoke, rain… The VFX industry is in high demmand for professionals and as enjoyed substantial growth due to a high consumer demmand and to new plaforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple Tv or HBO… VFX are needed in nearly all productions for cinema, tv, series, videogames, adversiting and other type of productions. During your studies you will lear through the use of professional sofwware tools such as Nuke, Maya, Houdini, Blender amongst others, to work as an artist generating and integrating digital elements in live action productions or in videogames or animated movies..

University affiliated to:

Career opportunities

Pursuing a Degree in Visual Effects you will be able to work as:

  • Digital compositor
  • Paint / Prep artist
  • Roto / Matchmove artist
  • Digital matte painting artist
  • VFX Production Coordinator
  • VFX Simulation artist
  • Character FX Artist
  • VFX development artist

Companies where our students work

Some of the leading companies where U-tad students and professors have worked include: MPC (The Lion King, Dumbo), Double Negative (Avengers Endgame), Framestore (Dumbo, The Jungle Book), El Ranchito (Game of Thrones), Blur Studios (Love, Death, and Robots), Ilion Animation Studios (Wonder Park), ILM (Star Wars), Sony Imageworks (Spiderman Into the Spiderverse) and Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings), among others.

Partner companies

Students' projects and awards

Your project: your best presentation to companies

You will learn by doing. Starting your first year, you will work on projects, learning and applying your knowledge and teamwork, both of which will be vital for your future employability. Your projects will prove your worth to companies and act as a letter of recommendation.

Talent Awards

Awards are the greatest recognition of consistent effort and a job well done, whether as a team or individually.

In recent years our students have won more than 70 awards in all fields. Check them out!
Our students have worked on Oscar, Bafta, Goya and other international award winning productions such as Spiderma; Into the Spiderverse, Klaus and Buñuel en el Laberinto de las Tortugas.

Students' feedback

90% of our students study with us on the recommendation of friends or acquaintances who have already experienced U-tad and have become top industry professionals.  

International mobility

At U-tad, you will be able to study a portion of your degree at a top partner university through the Erasmus Program.

To reduce any limitations, we have expanded our exchange offer through bilateral agreements with universities in America, Asia, and Oceania, and Europe.

  • SVA (EEUU)
  • Griffith (Australia)
  • ArtFX (Francia)
  • Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (China)
  • Falmouth University (UK)
  • Haute École Albert Jacquard (Bélgica)
  • Universidad de Monterrey (México)

The world is yours. Go out, learn, and soak up other cultures!


Study plan

Course 1

Course nameECTSTypeDuration
Narrative and Elements of Visual Composition6B1st quarter
Mathematics and physics for visual effects6B1st quarter
Principles of 3D graphics 6B1st quarter
Geometric Representation Systems6B1st quarter
Theory and Science of Color and Light6BANNUAL
Creative Thinking3OB1st quarter
Photography6B2nd quarter
Fundamentals of computer architecture3OB2nd quarter
3D Modeling6OB2nd quarter
Fundamentals of Graphic Design and Motion Graphics6B2nd quarter
Script 3OB2nd quarter
Project I:3OB2nd quarter


Graphic legend: Basic Training (B) | Compulsory (OB) | Electives (OP) | Compulsory Minor Subject (OBM) | External Internships (PE) | Final Degree Project (TFG)

Course 2

Course nameECTSTypeDuration
3D Preview6B1st quarter
Texturing & Shading 6B1st quarter
History of cinema and VFX3OB1st quarter
Digital editing 6B1st quarter
Introduction to digital composition6OB1st quarter
Introduction to Programming6OBANNUAL
Lighting & render I6OB2nd quarter
VFX Production and Pipelines6OB2nd quarter
Rigging and Animation for VFX6OB2nd quarter
Composition I6OB2nd quarter
Project II:3OB2nd quarter

Course 3

Course nameECTSTypeDuration
FX and Simulation I6OB1st quarter
Scripting for Composition6OB1st quarter
Composition II6OB1st quarter
Matte Painting6OB1st quarter
Lighting & Render II 6OB1st quarter
Scripting for 3D visual effects6OB2nd quarter
FX and Simulation II6OB2nd quarter
Composition III6OB2nd quarter
Matchmove and rotomation3OB2nd quarter
Digital Society3OB2nd quarter
Project III:6OB2nd quarter

Course 4

Course nameECTSTypeDuration
Creating 3D Environments 6OB1st quarter
Visual effects supervision6OB1st quarter
FX and Simulation III6OB1st quarter
Final Degree Project6TFGANNUAL
Work Environment6OPANNUAL
Character FX6OB2nd quarter
Virtual production3OB2nd quarter
Technical composition6OP2nd quarter
Procedural 3D creation6OP2nd quarter
Training for employment6OP2nd quarter
Internships6OP2nd quarter
Business creation and development3OB2nd quarter

Additional informartion / competencies

  • Location: U-tad Campus
  • Hours: Monday - Friday
  • ECTS: 240
  • Language: Spanish or English
  • Modality: In campus
  • Centre Attached to: Camilo José Cela University
  • Year of implementation: 2022-2023
  • Spots for new students in the Degree: 30
  • Branch of knowledge: Humanities
Minimum number of ECTS per type of registration and course:
Minimum Maximum
Full-time 1st course60 60 
Full-time rest of courses30 75 
Part-time 1st course25 30 
Part-time rest of courses18 45 



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