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B.S. Computer Science

U-tad students rank in the top 10 for academic excellence, according to SEDEA

Proyecto de Pilar Hernández, alumna de U-tad
High employability


Study Software Engineering at the leading University Technology Center with a close relationship with the business world.

Our degree has been designed by industry professionals and endorsed by the best companies in the sector, as reflected by our students’ 100% job placement rate.

Prepare yourself to become a software engineer capable of planning, designing, and implementing the applications and services that make the digital industry work: banking, health services, Internet of Things, information systems security, entertainment services, and more.

Learn from leading doctors and professionals in the industry, using a practical academic model, working on projects in multidisciplinary teams and with personalized attention that will allow you to reach your full potential.

Our results speak for themselves: our students are among the top ten ranked in t SEDEA, the Spanish Association of Academic Excellence.

Additionally, from the third year onwards, you will be able to specialize in one of the three areas with the most professional opportunities: Data Engineering, Cybersecurity or Computer Graphics Programming, Immersive Systems and Video Games.

Train in a profession with 100% employability, and with a great professional trajectory.

You have the possibility to study this degree in Spanish or English. 

MInors in which you can specialize

Minor in Data Engineering

Data Engineering 

If you opt for the Minor in Data Engineering, you will professionally train in one of the highest demanded sectors in business, as data are the key to business decision making, innovation, and economic development.  


Data Engineering is a discipline that opens the door to very interesting job profiles: Data Scientist or Artificial Intelligence Expert, Manager of predictive models development based on Machine Learning techniques, or a Big Data Architect, whose job is to develop the necessary infrastructure to collect data that will later be subject to analysis.   


Train in a profession with 100% employability, and with a great professional trajectory. 

Centro Universitario adscrito:

  • Location: U-tad Campus
  • Hours: Monday – Friday
  • ECTS: 240
  • LanguageSpanish or English
  • Modality: In campus

Career Opportunities

Studying the Degree in Computer Science, you will be able to work as:

  • Technology Director
  • Project Manager
  • Software Architect
  • Application Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Security Analyst
  • Forensic Analyst
  • Ethical Hacking Expert
  • Cybersecurity Tools Developer
  • Physical Simulation Developer
  • VR Immersive Experience Developer
  • Visual Effects Developer
  • Video Game Developer

Where our students work

Our training is developed in collaboration with Industrial Committees formed by the top Graphic Programming, Virtual Reality and Video Games companies in our country. This ensures our curricula is always up to date with the real needs of the industry, which is looking for talent among our students to lead their most innovative projects.

Students enrolled in this Degree have the option of taking the subject “Internships”, which serves as a complement to university education and allows students to approach the professional environment. The objective of this subject is to place the student in a professional learning scenario so that he/she can develop the competencies acquired during

Partner companies

Students' projects and awards

Your Project: your ideal letter of recommendation

At U-tad you will develop projects in multidisciplinary teams to aid you in developing your creative, technological, and teamwork skills. In addition to being an excellent way to learn, these projects will also become your best letter of recommendation to showcase your skills and knowledge to companies. Projects such as:

Talent Awards

U-tad students have received more than 130 awards in national and international competitions, which truly speaks to the ability and quality of our students’ education. One of these prestigious awards was securing first prize in the European Cyber Security Challenge, where U-tad students were part of the winning Spanish team in the most important cybersecurity competition in the continent.

Our students have won 8 PlayStation Awards in different categories and the Digital Award for the best initiative granted by the media El Español. This was given to the U-tad research project in partnership with IdiPaz and the association HePA to develop the first platform in Virtual and Augmented Reality for psychological care for transplanted children and adolescents. 

Students' feedback

We are very proud of our students because they stand out for their talent and daily effort. The education they receive at U-tad provides them with solid knowledge to develop their careers in a sector they care about.

International mobility

At U-tad, we have an International Relations Department that coordinates and establishes agreements with universities all over the world, as well as with government agencies responsible for international inter-university cooperation.  We have agreements with prestigious universities in five continents and we are working to expand the number of institutions with exchange agreements either within the Erasmus program or with bilateral exchange agreements.   

  • Universities such as Beijing Jiatong University of Software Engineering (China) 
  • Soongsil University (Korea) 
  • Epitech (France) 
  • Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (China) 
  • Malmo (Sweden) 
  • Universita’ degli Studi di Milano (Italy) 
  • Algebra University College (Croatia) 
  • APAEP and UP (Mexico) 



Elena García Gamella

  • Academic coordinator of the degree in Software Engineering
  • Service and Operation Manager at Telefónica

Study plan

Course 1
Web development fundamentals11st semesterB6
Introduction to Programming I11st semesterB6
Operating Systems and Networks Lab11st semesterOB6
Logic and Discrete Mathematics11st semesterB6
Creative Thinking11st semesterOB3
Algebra12nd semesterB6
Computer Architecture12nd semesterB6
Introduction to Programming II12nd semesterOB6
Databases and Distributed Systems Lab12nd semesterOB6
Digital Society12nd semesterOB3
Projects I: Digital technologies and techniques1ANNUALOB6

Graphic legend: Basic Training (B) | Compulsory (OB) | Electives (OP) | Compulsory Minor Subject (OBM) | External Internships (PE) | Final Degree Project (TFG)

Course 2
Fundamentals of Visual Composition21st semesterOB3
Probability and Statistics21st semesterB6
Object Oriented Programming21st semesterOB6
Computer Networks21st semesterB6
Operating Systems21st semesterB6
Analysis and Design of Algorithms22nd semesterOB6
Data Base22nd semesterB6
Calculus22nd semesterB6
Software Design22nd semesterOB6
Digital Models and Business22nd semesterOB3
Projects II: Trends in Software Engineering2ANNUALOB6
Course 3
Artificial Intelligence31st semesterOB6
Project Management31st semesterOB3
Distributed Systems Programming31st semesterOB6
Web Development I, Client31st semesterOB6
Web Development II, Server32nd semesterOB6
Mobile Apps Development32nd semesterOB3
UX Fundamentals32nd semesterOB3
Projects III: Web and app development3ANNUALOB9
Minor in Data Engineering
Advanced Databases31er semestreOBM6
Information Retrieval and Analysis32º semestreOBM6
Data Processing32º semestreOBM6
Course 4
End-of-Degree project4ANNUALOB9
Business creation and management41st semesterOB3
Software Engineering41st semesterOB6
Paradigms of Programming41st semesterOB3
Training for employment42nd semesterOP6
Company internships42nd semesterOP6
Low-level programming42nd semesterOP3
Software verification42nd semesterOP3
Minor in Data Engineering
Data Engineering Projects4ANNUALOBM9
Machine Learning I41st semesterOBM6
Computer Vision41st semesterOBM6
Machine Learning II42nd semesterOBM6
Data Visualization42nd semesterOBM3

Additional informartion / competencies

  • Year of implementation: 2018-2019
  • Spots for new students in the Degree: 120 in person + 60 online
  • Branch of knowledge: Engineering and Architecture 
Minimum number of ECTS per type of registration and course:
Minimum Maximum 
Full time 1st course60 60 
Full time rest of courses30 75 
Part-time 1st course25 30 
Part-time rest of courses18 45 


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